Wasatch Multi-Pitch Classics

aboutAlexClimbing a multi-pitch route involves ascending the rock more than one rope length off of the ground, where the lead climber ascends up the route and establishes intermittent anchors to secure the party on its way to the top. Multi-pitch rock climbing is the essence of traditional rock climbing and has a long history in the Wasatch Mountains.

No matter your ability level, there are plenty of excellent multi-pitch climbs if you’re looking for a long day on the rock and getting some air under your feet. Getting up several rope lengths can provide you with the opportunity to hone a certain set of skills, like building and taking down anchors, climbing efficiently, dealing with route finding and communication, using a variety of climbing techniques, rappelling and down climbing, etc. It can also be a great entry point into unfamiliar, more remote terrain, and can be a more physical challenge than climbing single pitches only. But overall, it usually means cruising up fantastic rock with spectacular scenery and truly enjoying what climbing is all about. Here is a collection of some of our favorite Wasatch Multi-Pitch routes: