Mountain Bike Skills Clinic

BWAS-GUY0051This Mountain Bike Skills Clinic is designed for those who already have some experience on a mountain bike and are looking to increase their confidence and control. It is appropriate for novice to high-intermediate riders. This clinic will help you conquer whatever the mountain puts in front of you. We will help you refine what you already know and teach you how to ride faster, better and with more control and confidence. Skills include efficient gear shifting, cornering, steep roll downs, optimal line selection, wheel lifts over obstacles, switchbacks, rocky sections, drop-offs and more. We’ll also go over flat repairs and bike maintenance. We will pick trails where we can work specifically on skills adapted to your level and get lots of riding for practice. Bring your own ride, or we will assist you in demoing your dream rig. Helmets are mandatory.

Mountain Bike Skills Clinics are full rides and can vary from 6 to 10+ miles where we focus on building your skills by finding opportunities along the trail, stopping to learn and practice as we progress up and down the mountain. Our Skills Clinics are designed to help you learn new techniques and practice specific tasks. This is a great opportunity if you’re looking to master new skills, build confidence and keep progressing to the next level.

  • Half or Full Day bike tour designed for novice to intermediate riders.
  • Each tour is different depending on who is riding and the trail conditions.
  • Starts when you want, finish when you want.
  • Local expert guides.
  • Shuttle available to/from Salt Lake City and Park City.
  • Yummy and healthy snacks on the trail (additional cost).
  • Riding Distance and skill development varies depending on your needs.

    Half Day Adventure
    Full Day Adventure
    1 guest: $165 per person 1 guest: $200 per person
    2-3 guests: $115 per person 2-3 guests: $150 per person
    4-8 guests: $95 per person 4-8 guests: $120 per person

    evel: Novice to Intermediate, adults and kids over age 6.
    Terrain: Mostly flowing single track trails with sometimes rocky technical sections, switchbacks, tight corners, drops and jumps, etc… Most trails go through beautiful meadows and aspen forests. The trails are well maintained with some technical challenges! Expect some good uphill and exhilarating downhill sections!
    Cost: Starting at just $165 per person