Anchor Building Clinic

This clinic specifically focuses on building secure belay or rappel anchors with solid protection placements.

This is an intermediate-level course that requires prerequisite experience climbing outside on moderate to intermediate difficulty routes (5.6 to 5.8), and a basic understanding of belaying, knots, anchor systems, climbing movement, lowering and rappelling. See: Intro to Outdoor Rock Climbing

In this clinic, we will review all aspects of building safe and solid anchors, then turn the task over to you to build anchors with direct instruction and feedback from our guides. 

Participants will spend much of the time building anchors using a variety of equipment and materials, and techniques such as:

  • Anchor Fundementals: Why, When, and What
  • Anchor Materials
  • Climbing Knots and Hitches
  • Concept of “ERNESTA”
  • How to connect to an anchor
  • Natural features: evaluation of, use of
  • Evaluating existing anchor materials i.e. bolts and pitons
  • Building anchors from bolts and pitons
  • Using Protection: nuts and cams
  • Top Rope anchors
  • Lead climbing Anchors
  • Rappel anchors
  • Belaying directly from an anchor
  • Lowering and rappelling from an anchor
  • Rope management


 Half Day Adventure 3-5 hrs.
 Full Day Adventure 6-8 hrs.
 1 guest: $180 per person  1 guest: $300 per person
 2-3 guest: $127 per person  2-3 guests: $212 per person
 4-8 guests: $110 per person  4-8 guests: $183 per person

Intermediate climbing course
Length: 1/2, Full or Multi-day
Difficulty: Novice to Intermediate
Location: Near Salt Lake City, Utah
Availability: Any time with notice
Cost: Contact us for pricing on larger groups